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Why Shop With Freeze Dry Guy

25 Year Shelf Life Guarantee - Our freeze dried foods are guaranteed to last 25 years.  Our years of experience assures that ALL of our emergency foods will last for decades.  Freeze dried foods have been successfully tested by the military to last well over 25 years with very little loss of nutrition.

Free Shipping  - Free Shipping anywhere in the continental US.  No minimum order!  We ship all orders UPS to guarantee fast shipping.  

Confidence - When you open a FDG product you know you are getting the best.  Nutritious food, ready when you need it most.  We guarantee our freeze dried foods for 25 years after the date of purchase.  If you ever have a problem, contact us and we will make it right.

Peace of Mind - Don’t trust the safety of your family to anyone else.  Call us today to find out how we can help you rest easy knowing you have food security.

Security - In an uncertain world, we are striving to bring you food security.  We will work with you to create an emergency preparedness plan to make sure that you have enough food for your family.

Emergency preparedness - Don’t get caught without emergency essentials because disasters, both natural and man-made are a part of modern life.  It’s a crazy world - earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, terrorism, crop failures, trucking strikes can all shut down grocery stores and other food sources.  Freeze Dry Guy products are an important safety net in uncertain times.  You always think that your local Safeway will be there for you - don’t bet your life on it.

Fast Shipping - We stock all of our products so we can assure quick and accurate shipments.  

Low Price Guarantee - We will beat any competitor’s price on the same product.

Great Selection - We offer many types of freeze dried and dehydrated food options.  Choose from emergency food kits, camping food, full meals and freeze dried meat or fruit.  We also offer a range of MRE and Alice Pack options.  If you don’t see it on the website, call us and we will get you the food you need.

Experience - With over 40 years of food storage and disaster planning experience, the Freeze Dry Guy is a name you can trust.  When you need food security - trust the best.

100% U. S. owned and operated - NASA and the US military developed freeze dried food to stay fresh in some of the harshest places on the planet - and space.  

All products produced in the US.  All Freeze Dry foods are produced and packaged in the US to meet the world’s toughest quality standards.  

Do you know how much food your family will need to stay alive in a disaster?  We do.  We will help you make the best choices for your food security.  We offer free counseling on dehydrated and freeze dried food choices.  Get a evaluation from one of our no-pressure food experts today.  

Personalized Preparedness Packages - We will custom design a emergency food kit for your family’s specific needs at no extra charge.  Make sure you have great tasting food to carry you through any emergency.

We know we aren’t your surgeon, airline pilot, or sky dive instructor.  We also know that you depend on us just as much.  Don’t trust your life with inferior products when you can always get the best emergency food from the Freeze Dry Guy.  

No Nonsense Approach - With years of experience serving the military, we will git r done!

Privacy Policy - We never share your information with anyone, ever.  We are always discrete and helpful.

Why can’t emergency food taste great?  It can!  Freeze Dry Guy provides the highest quality food that always tastes great.   Enjoy tasty meals made from quality ingredients every time.  

Don’t sacrifice flavor for security.  Our Freeze Dried and Dehydrated Foods are absolutely the best tasting, most nutritious and longest lasting products of their kind in the world.  

Easy to Prepare - Our foods are the best answer to food security because they have been created to serve your needs in difficult times.  All of our foods take a minimal amount of time, water and fuel to prepare.

Read to Eat - Our freeze dried food requires NO cooking.  Just add hot or cold water and you are ready to chow on our great tasting foods.  Our products will never suffer “food fatigue”.  Simple preparation will refresh FDG foods within minutes - fresh tasting and ready to eat.

Quality Control - Freeze Dry Guy sells only the highest quality food products from the cleanest, most modern food processing plants in the US. Production facilities are USDA and FDA approved and are continuously inspected. Only the highest quality meat, poultry, eggs and vegetables are used - NO SUBSTITUTES.