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Survival Weekly Reader Exclusive

Survival Weekly Readers Earn 20% off your first mix and match food purchase.

Choose two or more products of from our entire selection and earn 20% off your first order.

Mountain House Cans must be mixed with other non Mountain House items to be eligible for 20% off.


Freeze Dry Guy is your source for survival food in an uncertain world.  
We have over 40 years in the food storage and disaster planning industry. We are 100% U.S. owned and operated, and Our Freeze Dried & Dehydrated foods are Made in the USA.
Freeze Dry Guy offers a wide selection of pre-cooked, ready-to-eat Freeze Dried food - individually packaged Freeze Dried meats, vegetables, and fruits. 

Our tasty freeze dried meals feature a selection of vegetarian, gluten free, low sodium and meat choices: beef, chicken and pork. We have been helping families with food security and emergency preparedness for over 40 years. Let us help you build food security for your family.