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What are Survival Bucks?

Survival Bucks are Freeze Dry Guy store currency to be used the same as store credit while shopping our online store or over the phone at (866) 404-3663. 

How Do I Get Survival Bucks? 

When Freeze Dry Guy offers Survival Bucks, they will always represent a certain amount of your purchase. For example, if Freeze Dry Guy is offering 10% back in Survival Bucks when you buy a water filtration system that costs $100, your account will be credited $10 in Survival Bucks after checkout.

How can I use them? 

When you receive Survival Bucks, they now hold the same value as cash*, dollar for dollar. Survival Bucks can be used on any item other than Mountain House #10 Cans, products on sale, other promotional offers, expedited shipping, or monthly specials. During checkout, at "Payment Method - Step 3" check the Survival Bucks box for payment method. 

*Survival Bucks are store credit and cannot be refunded as cash

How To - Survival Bucks
How to use Freeze Dry Guy's Survival Bucks