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In 1973 when the Freeze Dry Guy opened his first retail store, his total inventory consisted of a pyramid with a few #10 Cans sitting on the floor.

He quickly learned the Value of quality customer service, and having the customers feel as if they were dealing with the owner, because they were!

Today, our production volume has greatly exceeded that of your typical small business; however we have stayed close to our small business roots, and have retained the value of quality customer service that was exemplified by the Freeze Dry Guy when he started this company in 1970.

How to Check your Order Status

We offer four ways to check order status.

1.       Phone M-F 8am to 5pm PST
          Call us at: 866-404-3663

2.       Email info@freezedryguy.com

3.       Live Chat

4.       Check Order status online by Clicking Here
What Your Order Status Means


a.      Pending = Order not complete.

b.      Holding = Awaiting Payment.

c.      Approved = Funds pre-approved and awaiting to be released to shipping department.

d.      Deliver = Funds captured and in shipping que awaiting fulfillment. 

e.      Shipped = Package picked up by UPS and tracking number sent to email address on file.