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Why Buy Freeze Dry Guy Gift Cards?

·     Gift Cards will be immediately sent to you electronically

·     If you want to give the priceless gift of preparedness, but don't know which long term storage food or emergency supplies to choose from

·     They spend like cash

·     They never expire

·     Your children away at college won't survive on 3 day old pizza during an emergency

What can I use to purchase Gift Cards?

We accept Visa, Amex, MasterCard, Check and Money Order

What can I buy with a Gift Card ?

All items listed for sale on our webstore

How can I find out what's left on my Gift Card?

Enter your card number into the "Check Gift Card Balance" box above or call 866-404-3663

What should I do if I don't have enough to pay for my order with my Gift Card?

Complete your desired order with another form of accepted tender - credit or debit card, check, money order or another Gift Card

Is there a service fee for unused balances on my Gift Card?

Does Freeze Dry Guy look like a banker? Absolutely NOT

Does my Gift Card expire?

Gift Cards do not expire

 Can I return a Gift Card that I purchased or was received as a gift?

Freeze Dry Guy cannot return gift cards at this time.

Can I call Freeze Dry Guy if I have problems with my Gift Card?

Freeze Dry Guy's number is unlisted, but feel free to call Customer Service at 866.404.3663 for assistance.

Can I order multiple Gift Cards for family, business, church groups, etc...?

Yes. Call our Sales Department at 866-404-3663.

What is the maximum amount on Gift Cards?

Freeze Dry Guy offers a maximum of $500 on each gift card.

Check Your Gift Card Balance

Select and Purchase a Card

A great last minute idea. Buy today, start shopping today. These can be sent to any friend or family member with a valid email address. Available in many amounts. eGift Cards can be used online or over the phone.


Terms and Conditions:

Gift Cards are only issued by Freeze Dry Guy. You may redeem the card at www.FreezeDryGuy.com or tradeshows with official Freeze Dry Guy points of sale. Purchases will be deducted until the value of the cards reaches zero. Freeze Dry Guy gift cards have no expiration date. Certain restrictions may apply. Gift Card balance information is available either online at www.FreezeDryGuy.com/GiftCards, emailing fdg11@fdguy.com or by calling 866-404-3663. Freeze Dry Guy reserves the right to change these requirements.