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Hurricane Preparedness

Two names changed the hurricane preparedness game. One took out the city of New Orleans. The other was so severe, it became known as a “Super Storm.”

Hurricane Katrina and Super Storm Sandy

The hazards of these major hurricanes Katrina and Sandy have proven the need for hurricane preparedness. They’ve proven the value of it, too.

These hurricanes didn’t sneak up on anyone. They were forecast. They show you need more than awareness of extreme weather. You really need to be ready for it. The importance of a hurricane preparedness plan once considered a reach by some, has now become a hardcore reality for millions like you.

We know this is a time for actions beyond remembering what Mother Nature does. When it comes to the high winds, heavy rainfall, flooding, and even tornadoes spawned by major hurricanes, each one of us is ultimately responsible for protecting our loved ones and property.

2 Extreme Storms – over 2,000 Deaths, nearly $200 Billion in Damage.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina, a Category 5 hurricane with heavy flooding and winds up to 175 miles per hour, killed at least 1,836 people. The financial impact was $108 billion in damage as it delivered a knockout blow into the Gulf Coast from New Orleans to Mississippi and Florida.

We all hoped decades would pass before the next “Storm of the Century.” Sadly, another extreme weather disaster hit home much sooner than expected. Just 7 years later, Super Storm Sandy was known and watched in the news around the world.

Hurricane Sandy, a Category 3, was responsible for at least 285 deaths and $68 billion in damage in 2012. At her peak, this tropical cyclone hit winds of 115 miles per hour, dumping 28 inches of rainfall in some areas. At her widest, Super Storm Sandy was about 1,000 miles in diameter, slamming into 24 states. More than 650,000 homes in the U.S. were damaged or destroyed. More than 8 million Americans had to respond to a loss of power. Their safety and resources were reduced. Meanwhile, their fear and vulnerability was through the roof...if their home still had one.

History Shows You Need a Hurricane Preparedness Plan

Based on the devastating damage to people and property caused by Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy, Americans have gotten quite an education and wake-up call. An “It Won’t Happen to Me” mindset is no longer a Hurricane Preparedness plan. Now, millions of people like you are finding solutions to better protect their home, and their loved ones as well.

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You can’t control the weather. No one can. But you can take proven actions to prepare for disasters like the next major hurricane. You’ll feel much better knowing, “I’m not going to let the same thing happen to us.”

Given the state of their force and frequency, a hurricane preparedness plan is essential. This means more than following local weather forecasts, boarding up windows, and stacking sandbags as the storm approaches. It’s including knowing detailed safety information for your family such as the local evacuation route, locations of nearby public storm shelters in your city or county, and having access to the right radio frequencies to listen for emergency updates from local authorities.

Surviving a hurricane is only part of the danger. The days or weeks in the aftermath are also critical. Reports from the National Hurricane Center show common post-hurricane deaths. The causes range from fire to accidents during cleanup efforts, hypothermia and carbon monoxide poisoning due to power outages, and various health conditions worsened by extreme heat, cold, or elevated levels of stress.

Hurricane Preparedness Food

Hurricanes create widespread real-life challenges. The American Red Cross, FEMA, and other local and federal emergency response officials do their best. But you still must be master of your own destiny. It can be days before emergency responders reach you, or before you can make contact with them. A hurricane preparedness kit with food can mean the difference between life and death, or between peace of mind and panic.

Popular hurricane preparedness kits include first aid kits, emergency radios, flashlights, batteries, blankets, clean clothes, safe drinking water, water filters, can openers and of course a ready supply of long storing, Freeze Dried foods.

Hunger, weakness, and the fear of those conditions are matters you can easily control. Great tasting freeze dried foods are the perfect Hurricane Preparedness Food. They have a long shelf life of 30+ years, so they’re ready when you need them most. Stocking your shelves is being ready. Isn’t this better than facing crowds and empty supermarket shelves?

Whether it’s meats, fruits, vegetables or desserts you want, they’re easy to make during or after a hurricane, even if there is a loss of power. Just add water or eat straight from the can or pouch. It’s your saving grace.

What’s also really important is the impact a good meal can have during bad times. Delicious, high-quality Freeze Dried Food from Freeze Dry Guy removes the moisture from pre-cooked foods, but locks in the nutrients.

Your body will crave food for emotional comfort and nutrients for energy. The toxic environment of a hurricane and aftermath creates high stress levels which deplete your immune system.

Take comfort in knowing Freeze Dry Guy sells only the very finest Freeze Dried Food and Dehydrated Food. It’s delicious and highly nutritious. It requires no cooking, saving vast amounts of precious water and fuel.

For decades, freeze dried foods have been used by NASA and the most elite units of the U.S. Military. You can trust these foods for much needed peace of mind, and helping you and your loved ones survive any hurricane and aftermath.

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