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Disaster Preparedness

Whether man-made or natural, disaster can strike at any given moment

Americans spend billions of dollars each year investing in insurance policies to help them overcome disaster. It is equally important to invest in disaster preparedness supplies, and most importantly, by investing in disaster preparedness food. From the moment a disaster occurs until the arrival of help, you and your family are on your own. It is unrealistic to think that help is just a phone call away.

The Reality

In a disaster, such as Hurricane Katrina, help took weeks to arrive and additional weeks and months to begin to ease the suffering of the hurricane’s victims. The time between when help arrives and the delivery of relief is the very time frame that families are on their own. You can ease that difficult gap by setting up a disaster preparedness plan that includes disaster preparedness food and survival supply kits that are custom designed to see your family through the hard times.  

Start Shopping
Self Reliance is Key

Self Reliance 

Prepare to bridge the gap between the start of a disaster and the arrival of help by starting now with your disaster planning so that you can be prepared for unexpected events. Disaster preparedness, and a positive mental attitude is the key to survival. Creating your disaster preparedness plan and investing in disaster preparedness foods are the first steps in taking control of uncertain situations. At no additional charge, Freeze Dry Guy will help you develop a disaster preparedness plan as well as design your disaster preparedness food kit for emergency situations. 

Freeze Dry Guy means Quality

Quality Freeze Dried Food

Today’s technology has left the chalky, bland disaster food and replaced it with great-tasting, nutritionally-balanced food made from high quality ingredients.

 Feed your family well throughout a disaster by ensuring that the quality of your disaster preparedness food is the best you can buy. Freeze Dry Guy’s Freeze Dried survival food ingredients are supplied only by US companies that are consistently inspected for quality by government agencies

Because Freeze Dry Guy uses only the top quality US ingredients the consumer can enjoy quality meals during the most difficult of situations.

Long Lasting Survival Foods

Long Lasting Survival Foods

Better Freeze Dried disaster survival food has a shelf life above 25 years and beyond. It seems amazing to think that food can stay fresh for over 25 years, but consider the technology that has perfected the art of freeze drying. The U. S. Armed forces and the NASA space program depend on Freeze Dried food to stay fresh in some of the worst natural and man-made conditions here on Earth and in outer space.Freeze Dried food, which is the perfect disaster survival food will still be nutritious and full of flavor after decade of storage. 

"No Cook" The Ultimate Convenience

Just Add Water

Forget the idea that disaster food needs to be cooked on a stove. Disaster preparedness Freeze Dried food only needs the addition of water to become a nutritious and delicious meal. Hot or cold water added to the contents of any of Freeze Dried Guy’s Freeze Dried survival food is all that it takes to make a meal. Disaster food products that are designed for "no cook" situations should be a part of any disaster preparedness food kit. 

Disaster preparedness is not just about stocking up on food and water; it is about building a disaster preparedness plan that encompasses all of your needs throughout a disaster. Freeze Dry Guy can help you build a disaster preparedness checklist to make sure you meet your family’s disaster needs.  

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