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The creation of Dehydrated foods is an ancient technique that has been used for millennia as a simple method of food storage for the long winter months. Removing the water from food greatly delays the development of mold or bacterial growth, causing Dehydrated food supplies to last much longer than fresh food would. In the modern age, open-air drying techniques have given way to high-tech methods, using commercial dehydrators that minimize the moisture content of food. The dehydrator slowly removes water from the food using warm temperatures, making the food lighter in weight, smaller and resistant to decay.  This makes Dehydrated food perfect for long-term storage.  Shop now or order by phone 866-404-3663 for a full selection of freeze-dried and Dehydrated foods in pouches or 10# cans.

Commercially Dehydrated food production reduces the moisture content down to to as low as 3-5 percent. This low moisture greatlyincreases the length of the Dehydrated foods shelf life. The highest quality emergency Dehydrated food designed for long-term storage achieves these low moisture levels. In addition to extending the Dehydrated food shelf life, removing this much water from the food makes it incredibly light weight. This makes Dehydrated food a favorite of backpackers, campers and those wishing to stockpile emergency food supplies in case of disasters. 

Delicious camping and emergency food, either purchased or prepared using widely available Dehydrated food recipes, provides energy and nutrients necessary for an active life. Dehydrated food backpacking supplies include an excellent variety of conveniently prepared in lightweight, space-age packaging for when you don’t feel like cooking your own Dehydrated food recipes.  Check out Freeze Dry Guy 'selection of freeze dried food in pouches that are perfect for backpacking or call us today to order 866-404.-663.

Although not all Dehydrated food achieves these super-low levels of moisture content, foods with a moisture level below about 15 percent stave off the growth of bacteria and mold as long as they are under 2% residual oxygen. You can roughly judge the relative moisture content of Dehydrated food products by bending the food. A crisp snap indicates a much lower moisture level than food that bends rather than breaking. If you suspect the moisture content is higher than 10 percent, check carefully for spoilage. To keep the food as dry as possible, Dehydrated food storage requires proper packaging and storage conditions.

Storing Dehydrated Food
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Dehydrated food storage doesn’t have to be complicated. Just remember that heat, moisture, light, and time are the enemies. To attain the Dehydrated food shelf life advertised by the manufacturer, these degrading conditions must be kept to a minimum. An organized Dehydrated food storage area with optimal conditions protects your investment in survival food supplies, you want that food to stay as fresh and delicious as possible.

When you are ready to create your scrumptious Dehydrated food recipes, you don’t want to find your supplies are past their date or spoiled. Using a few simple Dehydrated food storage tips saves you from this peril.  Using a lower floor closet, storage containers under beds, or a dry basement works just fine. Never use containers not designed for food storage like garbage bags or cans for unpackaged bulk Dehydrated food. In addition, keep food off concrete floors and away from concrete walls due to moisture transferring.

Setting up a rotation system for Dehydrated food
 storage ensures that your supplies are always fresh. Keep your oldest provisions to the front of the shelf, using them before they reach their expiration date. Replace these with new supplies at the back of the shelf.

Dehydrated backpacking meals and supplies come in durable packaging that protects like a flexible tin can. This light weight food is specially prepared and packaged to be as portable and rugged as tough backpacking conditions require. Packaging is kept to a minimum so you don’t have to carry out excess garbage. Before your trip, store your Dehydrated food backpacking supplies under the same conditions that survival Dehydrated food is stored.

After opening Dehydrated food products, the unused portion may last from a couple month to a year or so, depending on the conditions. Specially prepared survival Dehydrated food may come with an oxygen absorber that keeps oxidative damage to a minimum even after the product is opened. Be sure to reseal containers as tightly as possible when opened. Hot, humid conditions may quickly lead to degradation of the food so plan on using most Dehydrated food within a short time. Always check for mold or other signs of spoilage in opened Dehydrated food.

Dehydrated Food Supplies

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While browsing at Dehydrated food suppliers on the Internet, many are amazed by the extensive variety of foods available in America. The Freeze Dry Guy is one of the most experienced Dehydrated food suppliers. With over 40 years of experience in emergency foods and survival food storage, you can rest assured that Freeze Dry Guy carries only the finest Freeze Dried and Dehydrated food at great prices.  Shop online now or call us at 866.404.3663 and your freeze dried food will quickly be on its way with our fast, FREE Shipping!

Everything from bulk Dehydrated food to single-serving Dehydrated food packs are available. Whether you need a week’s worth the best Dehydrated food meals for a camping trip or a 10 year supply, Freeze Dry Guy has what you need. Looking for organic Dehydrated food? Freeze Dry Guy has delicious gluten free Dehydrated fruits and vegetables are available. For long-term disaster preparedness, discounts for bulk purchasing may be available

The best time to get prepared is right now. Learn as much as you can about long-term food preparedness, check out the wide array of products available and start building your provisions. Whether your plans involve bulk Dehydrated food or smaller serving sized packages, remember that stocking a wide variety of foods will ensure your camping or emergency meals never get boring. Don’t forget that homemade Dehydrated food preserves your garden herbs and vegetables, making a great way to diversify your stock of camping or survival food.

Need help planning your long-term food supplies?  

Freeze Dry Guy is here to help and our experts will custom-design your survival food plan, free of charge, with no obligation.  Order today866-404-3663 and your Dehydrated and Freeze Dried food will quickly be on its way with our fast, FREE shipping!