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Exclusive Monthly Food Clubs

Take a moment and analyze the amount of stress you endure on a day to day basis...  

From coordinating how to get your children to and from school, deadlines at work or even job loss, rising prices and other economic concerns put mounting pressure on many people. In the event of an emergency situation the stress will only get worse.

Are you Ready for Some Peace of mind?

Freeze Dry Guy, a leader in the emergency preparedness and long term storage food industry, would like to help ease some of your concerns. Explore our exclusive Food Security clubs.

Food Security clubs are monthly programs where you can have the highest quality Freeze Dried and Dehydrated foods delivered right to your door automatically. Just sign up once and every month you will receive shipments of your club selection. 

Clubs offer a different variety of long term storage foods every month so you will have many selections to choose from when you need your survival foods.

New to Emergency Preparedness Food? 

Try Freeze Dry Guy's Serving Clubs.

The servings are based on an adult male's average intake. Our 30 Serving Club is perfect for food storage beginners, within 12 months you will have a 3 month food supply for one person. 

If you are a more advanced prepper, the 120 Serving Club will provide 1 year of survival food for one person.


How Many Days of Freeze Dried Food Can You Hold in Your Hand?

The Bug Out Bucket Club offers long term storage food in handy mylar pouches that can be added to your 72 hour kits, camping and hiking gear or even everyday meals and snacks. The pouches come sealed in a convenient portable and stackable container with a carry handle.

Specialty Focused Clubs


Now those with specific tastes can store emergency preparedness foods. 

With all our real freeze dried meat club for those looking to "Beef" up their long term storage foods, or All Natural Club with non-GMO, no MSG, gluten free selections for the health conscience.

Freeze Dry Guy also offers a Allergen Free / Righteous food club that focuses on foods with no pork or shellfish.

Why Join? SIGN UP BONUS - All club members receive Survival Bucks when signing up.

All club members receive a Survival Bucks Bonus when signing up.

As an exclusive advantage to being a member is you receive 10% back in Survival Bucks for every order. A wide variety of Freeze Dried and Dehydrated foods are delivered each month.

The difference in cost will be determined by the types of food  shipped  each month. No minimum enrollment period required. Club accounts are charged between the 10th and 15th of the month.

Club orders are typically shipped within 2-3 business days after the club run. 

Don't Know Which Club is Right For You? Schedule a Consultation With a Food Security Specialist Today.

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