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FDG Affiliate Program

You can make real money with us. You can enjoy other rewards, too. Simply join the Freeze Dry Guy Affiliate Program now and start earning commissions on every sale you generate.

If you have a website, you have what it takes. You can join our team of affiliates who are bloggers, reviewers, business owners, even hosts of national radio shows. Our top affiliates earn thousands of dollars a month. You can, too.

How the Freeze Dry Guy Affiliate Program Works:

You post. Others purchase. You get paid.

It’s easy. No heavy lifting required. When you are accepted into the program, you will be given your own customized, unique tracking code link. We call it your “Money Link.” You use it on our website(s) with Freeze Dry Guy advertising banners we provide. You can also use it in content you create.

When an online user clicks on your link on a banner or in content, they arrive at our web store. We offer very generous 60-day cookies. So any visitor you send doesn’t have to buy right away. You will still get your commissions if they do within 60-days of your referral. Any purchases they make will be tracked to you as the referral source. You will automatically be sent your commissions payment in full every month without submitting an invoice. We’ll also give you a way to track the results of your success wherever you are, whenever you want.

Post on your website. Get paid. Post and get paid. It’s that easy. 

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Added Benefits

How do you top opportunities for easy to earn cash? You get special pricing. It becomes instant cash back on anything you purchase from Freeze Dry Guy.

Not only will you profit when your referrals choose Freeze Dry Guy, you also receive 10% back when you purchase any items from our online store.

As an affiliate, you will also have easy access to custom banners, graphics, and even online content through our affiliate online portal. Freeze Dry Guy's design team will regularly create images of various sizes and specifications. These are the same high quality examples you can find throughout our website.

You also get real time access to your analytics and conversion rates, and real time assistance from our Affiliate Support department.

Contact Nick in the Freeze Dry Guy Affiliate Program:


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It Pays to Join the Freeze Dry Guy Family

Nick Katzman is the Affiliate Manager. The nephew of “The Freeze Dry Guy,” he knows the family business inside and out. Nick is committed to helping you succeed.

Freeze Dry Guy has been a leader in the long term food storage industry for over 40 years. It’s a family business which isn’t going away. It’s one you can trust for the tools you need to succeed, the support and transparency you want, and prompt payment of the sales commissions you earn.

You’ve got nothing to lose but income which could easily be yours. Apply now to become an affiliate. It pays to be a member of the Freeze Dry Guy Family.